Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pic365: day 16

Ok so now I'm caught up :) Sorry about the delay...We've been busy and tired people this week. We got in a car accident too! We're all fine though. I'll probably post a picture of the car tomorrow. We haven't taken a picture yet.

This is from today when I couldn't find Everett... he just disappeared and it was quiet. Quiet with a toddler=bad. But not this time, he just went the their chair by the xbox and was mimicking papa and pretending he was playing and watching a black screen. Funny kid :)

Oh and the stickers on the other chair? One of Savannah's favorite things to do. Ugh, oh well. They're only this age once. And the chairs don't really matter, they were almost free after all. But these kids need a yard.

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