Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pic365: day 69

el doce de marzo.
porque espanol? porque yo puedo.

Pic365: day 68

march the eleventh
everett with papa before and after bathtime. yes we did the mess/clean up in the wrong order.

Pic365: day 67

march the tenth
do you see how big this guy is getting?! he wasn't tired, he blinked. he has always hated brightness (more than average), since he was born.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Pic365: day 66

March 9
Our balloon boy. So entertained :)
(See pajama girl in the back? She didn't want "daytime clothes" until 10pm. whatev. Everett doesn't even want clothes, little furnace.)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pic365: day 65

March 8
Today we got a big deep cubby hole shelf to organize Savannah's odds and ends. This is us screwing it back together -- with Savannah and Everett inside two of the holes.

Looks pretty good huh? This is how Savannah set it up. I'm going to tackle reorganizing it another day. (note from later: she already covered the floor with toys again...)

She wanted to sleep in the crib. And I don't really care that much WHERE she sleeps... so this is how we found her when we went to bed... she was hugging mama and papa:

Pic365: day 65

March 8
I didn't know where

Today we got a big deep cubby hole shelf to organize Savannah's odds and ends. This is us screwing it back together -- with Savannah and Everett inside two of the holes.

Pic365: day 64

March 7

Big girl reading.

Eating butter, working on a growth spurt (yes I am fine with this... if you're surprised look up

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pic365: day 63

March 6th.............
March is moving so fast compared with February. So strange. And today I have the hiccups... like all day. So annoying.
Picture of the day today IS..............Everett with another haircut!

His do was getting crazy and poking him in the eye so I accosted him last night post-bath, pre-bedtime. I am not at all sure that I'm good at giving haircuts but I keep doing it since none of us care if it's perfect or not. We're just too practical and too frugal to be vain :)
Can you tell Everett LOVES ketchup? I don't like the ingredients list on ketchup but it sure makes him eat a lot. During his sickness and post-sickness he quit eating and was just nursing, normal but exhausting... now he's starting to get his appetite back again.
Oh and one more thing - Savannah says Everett's hair looks like Uncle Craig's, especially when it was wet and spiky during the cut.

Pic365: day 62

March 5th - Cleaning Day.

This is the post-sickness mess that I've been avoiding in Savannah's room. UGH. It's terrible, right? But at least when she and I clean the living room/kitchen/dining room, she takes her toys to her room. We just have to work on getting things to their proper place :) We are getting a big 4 foot cubby shelf thing on Monday and we'll see how that helps organize things...

P.S. it got really clean. and then it got messy again. already. that's why I am NOT motivated to do this... no matter how much I do or how much I teach, it's always more fun to pull out EVERYTHING and not put it back :)

Pic365: day 61

March 4 - Another one of Savannah's matching outfits. Note: all the colors match despite their prints being crazy :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pic365: day 60

Wow! I've actually made it 60 days of photos! I hope to be posting more frequently... less often in big chunks to catch up - but I'm full of grace for myself for getting this done at all with two kiddos :)
So here's March 3rd: Savannah is pretend nibbling Everett's toes, making him giggle. Right after this she tried undressing him so she could "gooch" his bare tummy (blowing raspberries, go ask Grandpa Rob why it's gooching... he's the only one that would know why.) I wouldn't let her undress him though and she pouted. I have a hard enough time convincing him not to take his clothes off... I don't need him to have a 3 year old accomplice... ahem, helper.

Pic365: day 59

March 1st.
In like a lion or a lamb?
They like to read together at bedtime. Sometimes. And sometimes one of them falls out on their head.

Pic365: day 58

February 28th. End of February. The longest sickest month ever. Long only because of the sickness, of course. So glad it's over.
Some of you may remember pictures of Savannah doing this exact same thing. Mimicking mama. Always looking something up...
What a happy boy!

Pic365: day 57

February 27

Pic365: day 56

February 26 - Playing outside after dark at the tennis courts.

Pic365: day 55

February 25 - Awesomely fun day for the kids at the park. Bee-YOU-tifull weather.

Pic365: day 54

February 24 - Showing off her tat. Artist: papa. (Just like her 2nd-cousin Adam.)
Faded of course, for darker picture of tat minus the pose, see yesterday.

Pic365: day 53

February 23 Savannah = SRSLY excited about paper dolls.
See how they're all matching??
Oh. And how I'm not the kind of mom that goes around wiping faces all day when they just get messy again?
P.S. when did she get so big?

Pic365: day 52

February 22 Still a baby.

Pic365: day 51

Feb 21 - The pollen making Savannah's eyes itch (? or she was just being 3?) made it very difficult to capture this adorable Savannah-picked outfit. The jacket is an auntie shopping find.

Pic365: day 51

February 20

For whatever reason, Savannah always says "this dress matches my haircut." (and some of her others she says don't match)
Okay, darling....
And here's a look back one year exactly:
(Happy Anniversary, if you read this! We'll always remember that day!)

Pic365: day 50

February 19 - Everett still likes being carried in the pouch, especially when he's cranky -- teething here. And he's not to heavy for me to carry either.

Pic365: day 49

February 18 - Two kids in a box. They sure do love cuddling.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pic365: day 48

Feb 17 -
Such a long time coming...... I've been getting so behind on things lately :)
My little serious boy eating chocolate.