Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Eating at home.

We've actually been doing really good about eating at home and not eating junk... I just haven't updated my blog to tell you all about it :)

So I've got a good menu list made up and we've been doing pretty good about sticking to it. When we don't we usually are eating more leftovers than I thought we'd have, or skipping meals (bad, I know).

Lately we've been doing Poppy Seed Chicken (thanks to Aunt Donna), Pizza, Enchiladas, Quesadillas, Spaghetti, Pancakes, Lentil Ham Soup... and others that I can't think of.

Last night, I made Jesse pancakes since he's sick (he got bronchitis somehow... and so he's very tired). This recipe is based on Marilee's, written down and adjusted by Andrew.
Here's the magic Selin whole wheat pancake recipe:
Yield: Big! It's the WHOLE family recipe, I think... I cut it in thirds or two-thirds since eggs are hard to halve.
3 c. white flour
1 c. whole
3 large eggs
3 c. milk
2 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. banking soda
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. vanilla
1 Tbsp. sugar
1/2 c. oil
Directions: mix it all up and pour it on a hot skillet. That's all folks. I make it look sooo easy :)

Our favorite (and easiest) financial helper

Anyone interested in saving your money instead of spending it? Or getting a checking account that actually pays significant interest -- like 2.25% APY and no minimum balance instead of a certain large bank's 0% checking and 0.15% APY "savings" with fees if you don't keep a minimum balance. The way it works is easy-- it's an online bank. They still have ATMs -- isn't that mostly what you use your bank for anyway?

If you are interested I can send you an invitation to
open an Orange Savings Account or Electric Orange.
If you open an account with at least $250, ING will
deposit a $25 bonus in your new account and will give
me a $10 thank you bonus for the referral.

Your initial deposit $250+You getI get
Orange Savings Account $25 $10
Electric Orange $25 $10

Leave me a comment or email me and I'll answer any questions and hook you up.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Made From Scratch.

Upon recent inspiration, I am going to try to be a better blogger :)
Also "inspired"/stolen from another blogger, I'm going to try to make all our dinners from scratch for a week. Not including if we aren't home.
But that doesn't start yet, we still have leftovers from last week to finish off.
I've also been thinking/dreaming up projects to work on -- craft-wise. Goodness knows, I ought to have the spare time... not working and all. The time just seems to slip through my fingers so I'm going to try to schedule it in.
Eh... I have high hopes but I'm too much of a realist to get excited about them.

Anyone want to vote:
Make a purse/diaper bag/satchel thing similar to this only less slouchy:
Or starting a quilt
Or some miscellaneous crochet project
Or do memo-boards to sell on etsy like I did for xmas (like this):

(P.S. note to self: I need to find my postcard collection...)