Monday, January 24, 2011

Pic365: day 23

Sleeping Beauty!

Pic365: day 22

What happened???!!!! AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Ok. nevermind, that was just fruit juice.
And look at these fancy little shoes he got from Gma M for his birthday! Cute aren't they. Happy Birthday Grandpa M!!!

Pic365: day 21

I thought Jesse took a picture too... but no picture today... just a video.
This is the day that Everett learned that the harmonica is not just a noise maker... it also makes music. He was really jamming out and enjoying himself as is evidenced in this short video :)

Pic365: day 20

Can't accuse me of filtering my online life out of vanity. i.e. background mess :) Actually a lot of pictures I take, I'd prefer were different in some way... but that's not reflective of real life. I mean, probably most people would find most of my pictures quite normal, even boring. But that's pretty reflective of my life... Unique: just like everybody else... and boring in the best way possible - minimum amounts of drama. Just life, please.

Pic365: day 19

Car accident picture. Not much to be said. We're 99% sure it's totaled.

Pic365: day 18

Sorry it's been a week since I've posted! But I have been taking pictures!
It's been busy since the car accident and then Jesse has been sick. And we went to a wild and crazy kids play area, another different one. Anyhow, it seems like enough that the children are mostly clean and sleeping at the right time :)

In this picture: Everett and Thane. You might think that Everett got sat and on a squished...but you'd be wrong, Thane was there first and Everett squeezed in behind him to cuddle and relax.

Monday, January 17, 2011

My favorite hipster

Sad hipster :(

Hipster going to grab some meatballs and salmon tacos. YUMZ.
Hipster LUVS Hipster food!

Pic365: day 17

Just in case anyone reading thought that Everett was a perfect angel, here's proof otherwise :) He was smiling JUST before this, until Savannah took his toy... so this is all the camera got :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pic365: day 16

Ok so now I'm caught up :) Sorry about the delay...We've been busy and tired people this week. We got in a car accident too! We're all fine though. I'll probably post a picture of the car tomorrow. We haven't taken a picture yet.

This is from today when I couldn't find Everett... he just disappeared and it was quiet. Quiet with a toddler=bad. But not this time, he just went the their chair by the xbox and was mimicking papa and pretending he was playing and watching a black screen. Funny kid :)

Oh and the stickers on the other chair? One of Savannah's favorite things to do. Ugh, oh well. They're only this age once. And the chairs don't really matter, they were almost free after all. But these kids need a yard.

Pic365: day 15

I forgot the camera at home when we took the kids to a crazy wild indoor play area yesterday. It was for a little boy 1 yr old birthday party with my friend Jamie and her family. Maybe she'll send me the pictures they took ;)
This picture was from late the night before...too cute...

Pic365: day 14

Pic365: day 13

Finally found the spot in our little apartment for this Christmas gift - an Amish made quilted decoration with three little pockets :) from Marilee. At least that's where it's at for now :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pic365: day 12

Wowee he's grown up a lot!
I just reread the post I wrote after he was born... about his birth. It seems like yesterday!

He got a practice candle on his bagel snack - technically it was MY bagel and he only poked holes in it and licked some cream cheese off, but I digress...

And then the cake - German chocolate - which is named after a man surnamed German, not from Germany - with chocolate cream cheese frosting. I was gonna make an apple carrot cake like I did for Savannah's first birthday but honestly with it being just for us, I can't handle that much apple-carrot.
He didn't blow out his candle. He spit a little though.
And he didn't smash it into his face. He's been eating real food a lot longer than most 1 year olds, I think... so he's an old pro using a fork.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pic365: day 11

Baby's First Haircut!

Nope not that baby... he already had his first haircut...
It's my first baby's first haircut.



And just too cute to pass up:

Pic365: day 10

Snow in Charlotte

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Everett playing drums. And snow.

This is the video of Everett playing the drums he got for Christmas. He "plays" a little bit everyday :)

Here's what Savannah thought of our snow after Christmas:

Here was what Everett thought of our snow after Christmas:

Pic365: day 9


Everett is usually just in a diaper at home lately... the apartment is too hot for him. He just cries when we make him wear clothes - he turns bright red and tries to take them off. He smiles for the camera now but doesn't usually stand in one place like this. Oh yea, and today Savannah has been trying to marry Everett.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pic365: day 8

so i lied yesterday. about posting last night.
i think everett's next molar is arriving - he's been crank-tastic.

so last night's picture was a surprise. i thought i was going to get a really good picture of kitten and this is what i got:

oh yea. everett grabbed the camera earlier in the day... and apparently has greasy little kid fingers. so then i had to find the lens cleaner and lint free cloth etc. and then clean it and then took some pictures of everett but he was cranky and i lost my motivation. so this picture really describes yesterday well.

Pic365: day 7

Picture from yesterday. I was too exhausted to put it up last night. It's Everett in his lumberjack onesie. Or Grandpa Rob onesie, if you like.
Today's will be up later tonight.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pic365: day 6

First of all. I'm trying to decide how to deal with privacy. I'm thinking of posting here when I have the daily picture with a link to see it on Flickr. Otherwise I can't control who takes my pictures and does goodness-know-what with them. I am researching what other people do to protect photos on blogs.
Meanwhile I hope you enjoy the new atmosphere here. Very brown. Very awesome.
Blue was so 2010.
Brown is the new blue.

Picture today.... Drumroll.....
Savannah again! She is really loving getting her picture taken lately. And Everett is really hard to catch. He's moving too fast. His favorite evening activity is walking fast up and down the hall with food in his hand. But at bedtime, this is how Savannah is always found:

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pic365: day 4

From today. Heavily edited, thankyou picasa. I guess you could say nothing was very photoworthy today. Or perhaps, since my glasses are broken and I can't see, it just appears that way to me :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Everett's eyes

This picture from a few days ago was worth blowing up to show everyone Everett's amazing eyes. I am biased but I think you'll agree it's very interesting.

Blown up, you can see that Everett has central heterochromia AND heterochromia (partial?). It's still hard to see in the photo but it's hard to get a good picture of Everett :) Wikipedia:Heterochromia

See on the left? It's got a different color blue immediately surrounding the iris in the center than the blue further away by the whites if his eyes? And on the right, it's a green circle around the iris with blue beyond it.

Above is Savannah's eyes. She's got blue eyes with what looks like solar flares or fire in different shades of blue.

My eyes above, with a strange greenish/brown/olive color in the center. Everett gets his central heterochromia from me! :)

And Savannah gets the wild solar flare pattern from Jesse. Except his eyes are clearly hazel/green. :) He's got a little bit of sectoral heterochromia too - amber colored.

I hope this has been educational for everyone :) I find it very interesting :)

Pic365: day 3

Today's official picture:

Pictured is: Savannah age 3.69 today, her Christmas ornament she's in love with from Allison and Isaac and boys, the edge of a blue book we got for Christmas (awesome book), and the sad remains of a gingerbread house post-Christmas.

Pic365: day 2

Cleaning out the toy box...

Pic365: Commence

Since I'm going to try to post regularly, I figured I needed something more specific for a goal. So I'm going to try to take a picture every day this year. Or more specifically, someone in our house will take a picture.
I'm not a photographer.
And I don't have a great camera (it's better than last year's camera *thanks mom!* but it's still just a point and shoot).
But I can document each day with a flash of light.
I may write with each picture. I may not. I may edit the photos. I may not. Rules suck. So they're not invited.
So that's the plan.
Now to catch up on days.
Here's is the picture from January 1st:

P.S. YOU should do this too :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011