Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pic365: day 12

Wowee he's grown up a lot!
I just reread the post I wrote after he was born... about his birth. It seems like yesterday!

He got a practice candle on his bagel snack - technically it was MY bagel and he only poked holes in it and licked some cream cheese off, but I digress...

And then the cake - German chocolate - which is named after a man surnamed German, not from Germany - with chocolate cream cheese frosting. I was gonna make an apple carrot cake like I did for Savannah's first birthday but honestly with it being just for us, I can't handle that much apple-carrot.
He didn't blow out his candle. He spit a little though.
And he didn't smash it into his face. He's been eating real food a lot longer than most 1 year olds, I think... so he's an old pro using a fork.

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The Mrs. said...

Funny. I know Levi and Everett are related. Instead of smashing the cake in his face he took to the silverware first. Then smashed the cake in his face. :)

Happy Birthday, E! We love you and your present will be on its way shortly. :)