Monday, October 29, 2007

Comfy Joey pouch

This is one of my most favorite "baby things" we bought. It frees up my hands and we'll use it for a long time. It works from newborn thru toddler age, depending on how long your back handles it and how desperate they are to run off. Savannah likes it once she gets comfortable, unless she's hungry :) then it's like putting a free buffet in front of a dieter, how could she resist being so close to food? I have nursed her in the pouch but it's a little difficult to situate her when she's angry. Who've guessed? lol.
Comfy Joey website
if you're interested in all the styles and ways you can wear a baby.

(pic from 16/6/07)


All from our house: pheasant, tree frogs, deer (lots!), and turkeys.

For A Walk

Before we went to check the mail 24/10/07

After we got back, almost asleep.

Sweet Pea

Eating sweet peas. Not a staged moustache. 26/10/07

Daddy's little girl

This is how Papa gets Savannah to laugh (sorry it's so dark, we'll try again during the day). 26/10/07

Early Coffee Addiction?

Savannah has been VERY interested when we eat and drink things...she wants a taste too!
So far she's tasted (I can't really say "eaten" for most of these) raspberries, sweet peas, carrots, paper (ha!), rice cereal, organic guacamole, celery, pear, and maybe others.
And these pics are Savannah trying to get Papa's coffee, she's got the right idea! But didn't actually get any... we wanted her to go to sleep! 25/10/07

My Happy Lil Baby

Here's Savannah outside, getting ready to go the grocery store. She plays with those toys on the way to Grandma's house...sometimes for an hour, without getting bored or fussy. 20/10/07

The Great Escape

I'm gonna do a batch of recent pictures of Savannah. Maybe someday I will add some younger pictures too.

Savannah has learned to escape. I think we need to put the bouncer seat away soon before she lands on her head. :) 17/10/07