Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pic365: day 47

February 16th - Riding Bikes
Let the kids outside for 2 minutes and look who's learning to ride!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pic365: day 46

Februrary 15th - PARK DAY! Despite what you'd assume based on the long sleeves on the children,it was beautifully warm out today!!! I wore a tank top at the park. But alas... Everett is a South Carolinian born child and Savannah has now spent a third of her life in warm weather. So I didn't want to ruin their immune response by exposing them to the weather cold turkey :)

Pic365: day 45

Valentine's Day 2011
Here's me and my valentine... the only valentine I have that let's me dress them however I want and takes lots of kissy pictures. The girl valentine likes to pick her own clothes and gets shy with kissy pictures, which is lovely in its own way. The older and also uncooperative valentine is much loved for many different reasons :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pic365: day 44

February 13th
Jesse is reading the Narnia books to Savannah. Everett hovers around like a helicopter. Of course there is varying success in terms of paying attention but that's half the fun - she'll be able to hear the stories dozens of times without getting tired of it.

Pic365: day 43

February 12th
Savannah set up this pose with Thane and asked me to take a picture.

Pic365: day 42

February 11
This look on Everett's face reminds me of Jesse a lot :)

Pic365: day 41

February 10
Brenda will remember this shirt. I always liked the print so I saved it to sew for Savannah. The extra length I cut off I used to make a stretchy headband to match. As you can tell, she was very excited about it.

Pic365: day 40

February 9
They both really like cuddling each other lately :) Makes us so happy that they love each other :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pic365: day 39

February 8
Today we had a junk food day..... Jesse got me some cookies the other night. I've been craving junk food so bad lately. Hopefully we'll make up for the junk food tomorrow with some real food.
Also today we're praying for our friends here in town... pray for them and their family this week as they mourn the unexpected loss of my friend's mom. The kids will be missing their grandma :(

Pic365: day 38

Feb 7
happy birthday younger brother of mine!

funny pictures huh? they're both feeling good now and we're getting back to normal. we went to the library for the first time in weeks and weeks. so unusual for us :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Pic365: day 37

Feb 6th - Savannah is almost completely recovered now. But she's still coughing a lot and therefore not sleeping very well. It's been a very movie filled month :)

Pic365: day 36

Feb 5
Been a while since there's been a picture of Jesse. He's finally almost completely recovered too. And has been having fun playing lots of video games since the kids haven't been particularly active.

Pic365: day 35

Feb 4th - Savannah still recovering. Everett being very sympathetic. Still messy everyone as the house recovers as well.

Pic365: day 34

Excessive amounts of laundry had to be done post sickness. Seriously. This was like half of it.

Pic365: day 33

Savannah feeling pretty awful. Everett feeling better with a new and strange obsession with kitchen tools... spatula flippers and whisks etc. A little gourmet.

Pic365: day 32

Everett starting to feel good again. But still runny nose :)

Pic365: day 31

And then there were three.
P.S. Savannah is sleeping with a soft cotton stained dishcloth. I tried taking it a few times and giving her a blanket but she was so incoherent she wouldn't let me. She was using it as a blanket PLUS tissue... so I figured if I had given her a blanket she probably would've just wiped her nose on it anyway :) Similar to the chocolate sneeze stains on her rainbow comforter. Clearly I was so sick I didn't care at all :) And I had NO idea that the dishes didn't get done for days and days and days. I was seriously sick. You can tell I lost weight in this picture. Nothing like the flu to get you swimsuit ready for summer lol.

Pic365: day 30

And then there were two.

Pic365: day 29

Everett was so congested that he was making this cute kissy face for days to breathe through his mouth instead :) Doesn't he look so exhausted?!

Pic365: day 28

Good big sister taking care of little boy blue. She had the idea to put him in the baby doll cradle so he could rest while watching planet earth.

Pic365: day 27

This is Everett sick (and me slightly sick, exhausted):

This is Savannah feeling just fine :) This is her new shirt from Aunt Donna and her new headband. Obviously thrilled. And getting to be pretty good with the lipstick too ;) lol

Pic365: day 26

Savannah and I took a walk without Everett since he was still so sick. Her awesome Mongolian boots from her cousin STILL fit :)

Pic365: day 25

Me and Savannah - not sick... Everett - SO SICK.

Pic365: day 24

Everett got sick right after Jesse: