Monday, February 7, 2011

Pic365: day 31

And then there were three.
P.S. Savannah is sleeping with a soft cotton stained dishcloth. I tried taking it a few times and giving her a blanket but she was so incoherent she wouldn't let me. She was using it as a blanket PLUS tissue... so I figured if I had given her a blanket she probably would've just wiped her nose on it anyway :) Similar to the chocolate sneeze stains on her rainbow comforter. Clearly I was so sick I didn't care at all :) And I had NO idea that the dishes didn't get done for days and days and days. I was seriously sick. You can tell I lost weight in this picture. Nothing like the flu to get you swimsuit ready for summer lol.


The Mrs. said...

Is that Nyquil and bottle I see? Whoah.
And, btw, you look absolutely beatufiul.

Rebecca S. said...

sambucol cough syrup - it's elderberry syrup :) good stuff.

and thank you :)