Friday, July 1, 2011

pic365: #125-132

may 7 - may 14
here's what i got for this particular chunk of days, enjoy!

pic365 117-124

april 29-may 6
busy week last week means tired out, few pictures this week. sorry, this is where we start to go downhill :D quality and quantity, i'm afraid!
i just realized i've been uploading without watermarks! dang it! oh well.

pic365: #109-116

april 21-28
busy week. savannah's birthday, including trip to savannah georgia AND easter.

random post of old house photos

i was thinking about how much i miss my peonies this year and went looking through some photos. thought some of you might be interested. in particular, how much savannah and everett look alike :) they're twins! agh!