Friday, July 1, 2011

random post of old house photos

i was thinking about how much i miss my peonies this year and went looking through some photos. thought some of you might be interested. in particular, how much savannah and everett look alike :) they're twins! agh!


My Blog said...

Awww. Poor you :(. We will miss you guys a ton, but you need your life back there, huh? Those pics are beautiful and I can understand why you miss it!

Rebecca S. said...

your comment came thru named "my blog" and i was thinking "who the heck is that???"
duh! maybe the person i just tagged!
so brain-dead today. didn't even realize it was earthfare-thursday til 7:30pm. and everett was sleeping.
and why was everett napping so late? beats me!
re: moving (or not?): i know, so many mixed feelings!