Monday, January 3, 2011

Pic365: Commence

Since I'm going to try to post regularly, I figured I needed something more specific for a goal. So I'm going to try to take a picture every day this year. Or more specifically, someone in our house will take a picture.
I'm not a photographer.
And I don't have a great camera (it's better than last year's camera *thanks mom!* but it's still just a point and shoot).
But I can document each day with a flash of light.
I may write with each picture. I may not. I may edit the photos. I may not. Rules suck. So they're not invited.
So that's the plan.
Now to catch up on days.
Here's is the picture from January 1st:

P.S. YOU should do this too :)


jachin said...

Not owning a camera, I will probably not follow suit but I also intend to do more internet writing this year. I hope you can keep it up.

The Mrs. said...

Bahahaha~ Rules suck. Love the pictures though. I think maybe I should do the same, but my resolution may just include cleaning the bathroom twice a month. :D

Tina Britt said...

Awesome plan Becca. I really want to get away from drama negatives. So maybe I just might follow suit! Still doing Nash's caringbridge too at least a couple times a week so sounds good. Have pictures already and have thoughts written down. Thanks for challenge. Tina.

Rebecca S. said...

You should Tina :) I know you got a lot to take pictures of now :) you should start a blog! Send me the link if you do!