Monday, January 3, 2011

Everett's eyes

This picture from a few days ago was worth blowing up to show everyone Everett's amazing eyes. I am biased but I think you'll agree it's very interesting.

Blown up, you can see that Everett has central heterochromia AND heterochromia (partial?). It's still hard to see in the photo but it's hard to get a good picture of Everett :) Wikipedia:Heterochromia

See on the left? It's got a different color blue immediately surrounding the iris in the center than the blue further away by the whites if his eyes? And on the right, it's a green circle around the iris with blue beyond it.

Above is Savannah's eyes. She's got blue eyes with what looks like solar flares or fire in different shades of blue.

My eyes above, with a strange greenish/brown/olive color in the center. Everett gets his central heterochromia from me! :)

And Savannah gets the wild solar flare pattern from Jesse. Except his eyes are clearly hazel/green. :) He's got a little bit of sectoral heterochromia too - amber colored.

I hope this has been educational for everyone :) I find it very interesting :)

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