Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pic365: day 62

March 5th - Cleaning Day.

This is the post-sickness mess that I've been avoiding in Savannah's room. UGH. It's terrible, right? But at least when she and I clean the living room/kitchen/dining room, she takes her toys to her room. We just have to work on getting things to their proper place :) We are getting a big 4 foot cubby shelf thing on Monday and we'll see how that helps organize things...

P.S. it got really clean. and then it got messy again. already. that's why I am NOT motivated to do this... no matter how much I do or how much I teach, it's always more fun to pull out EVERYTHING and not put it back :)


Amanda said...

I cleaned Jada's room the other night. It took about three hours. So far, it is still clean.

Tina B said...

Cleaning is too exhausting. I agree. Spend your time with your kids for now. Someday you can dig out. :)

The Mrs. said...

I say, pair (sp?) down. That way not so much comes out at once. And, if you put away some of it in storage, and bring it out every few weeks (rotating) then, its more fun and new. Levi doesn't have that many toys for me to test out that philosphy... but I did put away all his blocks and duplos ti'll later. It was a crazy disaster - EVERY STINKIN' DAY. No one was sane and Levi didn't even play with them anymore.

Rebecca S. said...

:) i like your way tina :)

i used to rotate her toys... now she goes into the closet and opens up the boxes herself :/ so i gave up.
we don't have anywhere she can't go to put them, the shelves aren't sturdy enough. i just need to pare down! more. i've got a box worth ready to go, just need to get more out :)

i h8 duplos. and polly pockets. and anything with tiny pieces.