Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pic365: day 60

Wow! I've actually made it 60 days of photos! I hope to be posting more frequently... less often in big chunks to catch up - but I'm full of grace for myself for getting this done at all with two kiddos :)
So here's March 3rd: Savannah is pretend nibbling Everett's toes, making him giggle. Right after this she tried undressing him so she could "gooch" his bare tummy (blowing raspberries, go ask Grandpa Rob why it's gooching... he's the only one that would know why.) I wouldn't let her undress him though and she pouted. I have a hard enough time convincing him not to take his clothes off... I don't need him to have a 3 year old accomplice... ahem, helper.

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