Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pic365: day 65

March 8
Today we got a big deep cubby hole shelf to organize Savannah's odds and ends. This is us screwing it back together -- with Savannah and Everett inside two of the holes.

Looks pretty good huh? This is how Savannah set it up. I'm going to tackle reorganizing it another day. (note from later: she already covered the floor with toys again...)

She wanted to sleep in the crib. And I don't really care that much WHERE she sleeps... so this is how we found her when we went to bed... she was hugging mama and papa:

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Amanda said...

I just bought a similar shelf for our basement. I ended up buying baskets for some of the holes so I could have a spot for things with lots of pieces. My kids (and the cat) played in the holes too, so cute:)