Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pic365: day 63

March 6th.............
March is moving so fast compared with February. So strange. And today I have the hiccups... like all day. So annoying.
Picture of the day today IS..............Everett with another haircut!

His do was getting crazy and poking him in the eye so I accosted him last night post-bath, pre-bedtime. I am not at all sure that I'm good at giving haircuts but I keep doing it since none of us care if it's perfect or not. We're just too practical and too frugal to be vain :)
Can you tell Everett LOVES ketchup? I don't like the ingredients list on ketchup but it sure makes him eat a lot. During his sickness and post-sickness he quit eating and was just nursing, normal but exhausting... now he's starting to get his appetite back again.
Oh and one more thing - Savannah says Everett's hair looks like Uncle Craig's, especially when it was wet and spiky during the cut.


Amanda said...

I think his hair looks cute! Dan usually cuts Ethan's hair and I take him in every once in a while to get it evened out. Zachary is a screamer when it comes to haircuts, and he is really squirmy. Once he outgrows that, Dan will cut his hair too.

Rebecca S. said...

thanks :) now that it's been washed a few times i can see a few rough patches from the last part of the haircut... when i was hurrying :) the squirminess is what's hard :)