Thursday, April 9, 2009

All this last Tuesday?

Grandma and Grandpa wanted to watch Savannah while I shopped so I got to 6 stores! In just about 3 hours. Since I only shop off a list now, it's much faster. I'm starting to stock up on sales items, trying to take advantage of the sales cycles and tips I've found online.

Out of Pocket Spent: $25.92
Saved: 55%, $31.59
ECBs left: $19
Mail in rebate sent and waiting: $10
(After ECBs and rebate, earned $3.08 (plus all the loot!))

Victoria's Secret
Spent: $0
Saved: 100%, $15 plus lotion

Cub Foods
Spent: $4.30
Saved: 57%, $5.70
Plus free milk (up to $4.69) for next time! So came out pretty even.

I can't find the actually receipt for Target but I *think* this is accurate within a few cents.
Spent: $18.72
Saved: 66%, $36.84
Mom paying me back $5 for 1 razor (bought 2) and 4 soups (not pictured).

Paints were full price for Easter projects $4.64 :)
Spent: $7.58
Saved: 44%, $5.98

Walgreens (hints)
Spent: $14.48
Saved: 59%, $20.67
RRs left: $7.49
Easy Saver Rebate waiting: $5
On a side note, I was REALLY disappointed in myself when I got home and realized I forgot to check my receipt here. The checkout clerk forgot to scan two coupons and I should've separated my transaction (into 4 instead of 3) to get another $1RR. So I lost $2.20 savings here, another 2%. Hopefully next time I'll remember. :)

Rebates, Register Rewards, Milk, and ECBs remaining: $46.19
Mom paid me $5
Total cost this week (OOP - RR/ECBs/Rebates/Mom)= $19.49
60% savings out of pocket,
83% savings after everything!

Savings for 2009: $623.21
(starting from March 13th)

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I'm jealous. thats all. :)