Monday, March 30, 2009

So it's been a while... again :)

I just wanted to "brag" to everyone (all 4 of you now? No wait, Jesse doesn't read this, lol) that since I've been following couponing blogs and started practicing what they preach (about 20 days), I have saved 66% on our purchases.
On the one hand, I am saving lots of money by really searching out coupons on products we always buy. On the other hand, I am purchasing products that I never would have looked at before -- in order to EARN money (on overages) or to stockpile different branded products if they are free (or very close to it).
My hunter-gatherer instinct likes this. It's really a lot of fun for me. My personality is (apparently) well-suited to lists and clipping and searching etc. Things many people find tedious.
If you think this would be worth it to you, see: . This lady has got some great tutorials and advice. But, like I said, only if you've got the drive, personality, and a little time for it. (If anyone's REALLY interested, I've got a bunch more in my google blog reader).

This is for anyone who says you can't save LOTS of money clipping coupons.
Bottom line:
Full priced would've been:



**Normal budget is less than this, but this included some unusual purchases (new work clothes and shoes for Jesse, among other things) and a learning curve to the new techniques. I anticipate more success in April! :)

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