Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Getting bunnies sometime soon.

Jesse spent a good amount of time working on making a couple of hutches for our future bunnies this last weekend. It's not done yet, but that's because I made Jesse quit to watch a movie. Savannah and I drank juice and sat in the window sill watching from the warm house. I'm sure that Jesse would agree with me that it's not pretty. But why would you want to make something pretty if it's just going to get pooped on all the time? This pictures is of the bottom hutch (holds two adults) and the legs for the top hutch. You can barely see the chicken wire and we're adding a tray under the top hutch for reasons that will be most obvious to the bunnies in the bottom hutch.

Also, in case anyone reading is wondering... I have used the library bookmarklet more times than I can remember to count already. That means somewhere around 20-40 times. Yea!

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Erin said...

what kind of chicken wire are you using??!?!