Friday, February 20, 2009

Well, people, since today is cold and cloudy, what better day to plan for all of the wonderful things I'm going to try to do in the warm sunny spring?
I've got some big plans since Savannah's getting bigger and can help more and stay outside longer.

We're going to expand our garden. If we can find the money, I've been toying with the idea of beekeeping. And we're going to try to do a lot of canning and preserving from our garden and from the food box we get from Jesse's work.
(On a related note, if anyone knows anyone with a good food mill, seed heating mat, or a pressure cooker/canner to get rid of... we'd be interested.)
So last year, we did green peppers that were NOT successful, we did tomatoes that were fairly successful, we had one little pumpkin, three or four herbs that were very successful, red onions with mixed results, and marigolds. We did square foot gardening.
This year, I'm planning to do potatoes, onions, tomatoes, squash, pumpkins, various herbs, maybe carrots, maybe bell peppers, sunflowers, more marigolds, and maybe more. We'll have to wait and see, I guess.
We'll also try to do more grape harvesting than last year and see if we get enough wild cherries and black raspberries to do any besides nibbling.

Big plans, I know. I hope it's not too much but last year went very well (time-wise) and Savannah needed a lot more attention then. Hopefully we'll have enough to share! If anyone reading wants us to plant something special for them, give us a call :)

Here's a picture of last year's garden:

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Erin said...

its true, green peppers can be a stinker to grow- depending.
Canning etc is a great idea. I'm contemplating buying a large quantity of fruit and dehydrating it....