Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Walk to the mailbox

Today we walked to the mailbox. It was almost but not quite disastrous. We decided to go because it was WARM today -- somewhere near 40 degrees Fahrenheit! We got bundled up in coats and boots and gloves. We got Thane hooked onto his leash, and I briefly wondered if I should leave him home, he's only been to the mailbox 1 or 2 times before. And isn't leashed trained completely -- he tries to take off sometimes. But, I figured, he's gotta learn sometime.
I pulled out the stroller, hoping the ice or slush wasn't too bad on the driveway. And off we go.
It all went fine for half the driveway... Then Thane pulled harder and harder and harder and ran out in front of the stroller. He twisted up the leash in the wheels and the stroller flipped forward. And (holding tightly to the leash) I flipped right over too on top of the stroller.
Did someone forget to buckle Savannah into the stroller today? What?! I wouldn't do that... normally. Oops.
So she flew a little bit.
Just a little bit.
And she was fine. I promise. Have you SEEN how puffy her coat is?
And she landed in crusty tall grass, not sharp ice.
I, on the other hand, found the ice. With my knees. Ouch.
Oh well. I totally feel like I deserve it for not buckling her in. Maybe it's lucky she wasn't in the stroller, since I landed on top of it. Who know...
And Thane, boy, he knew I was mad at him.
Anyhow, we finished our walk with no further incidents and now all I have to decide is how dramatically to tell the story to Jesse.
And remember to buckle the stroller next time.

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Erin said...

you could reinact it...:P