Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pic365: day 98-100

April 10-12
Yay! 100 days! And caught up! Only missed a couple of days, less than 5 methinks. I thought it was much worse. Hoorah!
Sadly I have nothing for the tenth and eleventh. Let's not label this glossing over as cheating... I know Jesse has more pictures on his phone from the other day but I don't have his pictures. So let's just get on with it and try to be better tomorrow, k? :) lol
((Do y'all know that downloading, sorting, uploading and minimally commenting on a month's worth of pictures all at once takes more than 3 hours???!!! I bet it takes longer when I do each day separately. Y'all best appreciate! haha!))
Here's today's outing: Carolina Raptor Center. This place was so neat it deserves more than a couple of pictures :) The inchworms were ALL OVER the place and the kids loved them :) P.S. that last picture of Savannah cracks me up :D

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